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Subtropical gardens are characterised by luxuriant foliage, lush undergrowth and a distinctive spiky canopy. Palms, bromeliads, ferns, bamboo, climbing vines, orchids, shrubs, aroids, water plants, bog plants... the varieties and variations are endless!

Subtropical gardens: stylish and easy to maintain

Sub-tropical gardens by J.W. Pepper

Not only are subtropical gardens beautiful to look at but as an added bonus they are reasonably easy to maintain -- an important fact of note for any busy homeowner. For a lush, gorgeous landscape with a minimum of garden work and effort, it's hard to beat a subtropical garden.

Think tropical, think water!

When thinking of tropical and sub-tropical gardens, water features can add important elements of light, shade, and sound. Ponds and water features also provide opportunities for beautiful water and bog plants. The cooling effect of water all adds to the subtropical effect.

Subtropical specialists

At J.W. Pepper, we have vast experience creating tropical and subtropical gardens out of even the most barren landscapes. Contact us for ideas, quotes, and testimonials. If subtropical is your style, J.W. Pepper is your landscape specialist!