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Nothing blends with the New Zealand landscape better than native New Zealand plants. J.W. Pepper specialises in native gardens for all types of New Zealand terrain.

Native New Zealand gardens for native New Zealand landscapes, by J.W. Pepper

Hardy and beautiful

New Zealand native flora is renowned for its hardiness and durability. Native plantings can withstand and even thrive under harsh sun and wind conditions. And the diversity of shapes and sizes make New Zealand native plants a landscapers dream come true!

Coastal gardens, lifestyle landscapes

Difficult terrain can be transformed with native plantings. Coastal sites and exposed rural areas in particular can be enhanced with native plants -- their diverse sizes and colours and their hardiness make them ideal for landscaping in tough conditions.

New Zealand native specialist

J.W. Pepper specialises in incorporating New Zealand native flora into existing gardens or brand new landscapes. For all your New Zealand native needs, contact J.W. Pepper.